Party Ideas for Boys

We bring all our games to all our parties and for the most part the most successful parties are those where we don’t dictate what gets played – we leave that to your guests! However we are also happy to run planned themed or even semi competitive parties for your guests entertainment. In fact many of our functions are not birthday parties but simply private LAN parties planned by gamers for gamers. If you looking for a hardcore competitive LAN party or simply want some ideas as to how we can provide some added interest on your birthday read on!


Sports Party

Soccer PartyWith titles like FIFA, Rugby World Cup and Sonic Tennis we can run your own personal virtual world cup! Depending on numbers we will split your guests into teams of 2 or 4 and create and manage all the required groups and knockout brackets. Let us know in advance and we can assist with arranging prizes and trophies.

Racing Party

Racing PartyThere are a large number of racing titles available on the XBox platform and our collection is great for a bunch of speed freaks to test their metal. Who will be on pole? Who will set the fastest lap? Who will cross the finish line first!

Black Ops Party

81xllwcJ4NL._SL1500_First person shooters are the most popular genre of console games. We make use of Call of Duty Black Ops to run competitive LAN parties (ideal for birthdays as well). We split the group into teams of two and find out who the sharp shooters are in a series of Team Death-match matches. Challenge your friends!!

These are comfortably our most popular parties. Our trailer can be networked to allow for 2 parallel team death-matches to take place at any given time.

Please note – Call of Duty games typically carry an age restriction of 18. For younger guests we do require the host to provide permission for the kids to play this game.